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Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature Podcast

Episode 556: Christine Sykes and Dani Vee talk about: The Tap Cats of the Sunshine Coast. Listen now on: Words and Nerds Podcast is an entertaining and conversational podcast that aims to get inside a writer’s mind. We discuss books, the social and political...

The Changing Room, shortlisted!

The Changing Room has been shortlisted for an award in the Society of Women Writers NSW 2020 Members’ Book Award in the category of  Fiction for your book. To learn more about THE SOCIETY OF WOMEN WRITERS NSW, visit:

New Book: Splash, Slither, Squawk!

Wombats, platypus, turtles, magpies, koalas, goannas, cockatoos, bilbies, kangaroos, banksias, flannel flowers, bushfire, rain, ferns, snails, spiders, glow worms, pelicans, flying foxes, cicadas, lyrebirds, butterflies, possums, owls, kookaburras . . . In this varied...